In veiled and covert ways my photo art explores what we buy, what we buy into, and how we are led by a culture of artful sellers. My stories are about our conflicts and dualities illuminated by the objects we nimbly consume. I invite my audience to meander through my decorative tableaus to rediscover the underbelly of our humanity--to better understand who we are, who we've been, and who we are becoming.

I've always been interested in our willingness to be sold, but our options have multiplied and it's wearing us out. More than anything else this is why enduring loyalties are formed. Once we believe that our values and choices align, we're happy to choose what has earned our trust.

But what happens when our choices and values conflict? How often are we attracted to something we also find unsettling? Do we buy it anyway, soothing our emptiness? Or do we leave it behind and walk away?

-- Leslie Tucker